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Finally, the personalized healthcare you deserve.

We provide accessible, affordable Primary Care that is

tailored to you, without the hassle, right here in Spokane.

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Ready for something different?

  • You feel like a number in a very big system.

  • You feel rushed when meeting with your physician.

  • You're interested in a total-body approach to wellness with a personalized plan

  • You want easy access to your physician with predictable response times.


Experience simplified Primary Care, focused on YOU.

We think everyone deserves access to Primary Care that is approachable, affordable, and hassle-free. Based on the idea of whole-person care for the whole family, we created Thread Health, just for you, right here in Spokane.

Thread Health's membership model is inspired by a growing movement called Direct Primary Care. We aim to simplify your experience of healthcare, creating consistency in monthly cost, and increased access to your doctor.


Smaller Patient Panels

We keep our numbers small, so we can take a relaxed approach to your visit and focus on quality interaction, instead of the clock.


Membership Based

Your care is covered by a monthly membership fee paid directly to your doctor-eliminating co-pays, paperwork, and surprise bills.


Exclusive Savings

Without the middle man, we can offer medications at wholesale cost, as well as discounted rates on lab & imaging services.

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I'm Dr. Pritchard.


I dreamt of this clinic between bites of cold oatmeal one morning. As a doctor-mom, I realize the hoops we often jump through trying to seek healthcare. It didn't take me long in my motherhood journey to be introduced to the inaccessibility & inconvenience of traditional Primary Care (hello c-section! pink eye! skin burns!). Hours spent in waiting rooms, months to wait for follow up, & quick visits followed by unexpected bills and more questions.

(Are you nodding your head too?)

Just like you, we are busy people. It is different here for a reason-we want other families to experience the convenience of having a doctor at their fingertips. We designed Thread Health with easy access, predictable pricing, & the promise of authenticity.

We can't wait to meet you!

Wondering why we don't take insurance? 


Our approach honors your individuality & recognizes the important interplay of your genetics, mental health, & social relationships for whole-you care.


We treat the body as a unit & do our best to support its natural ability to heal through the use of hands-on techniques, evidence-based supplements, & pharmaceuticals when needed.


Tired of fractured, delayed care with hidden costs, our clinic brings the practice of medicine back to its roots. Blending the use of modern technology with old-fashioned convenience, you get consistent care by someone you trust.

Image by Steve Carter
“I have felt discarded, brushed off and spoken down to by other doctors, but Dr. Pritchard has NEVER made me feel this way. I have a whole bunch of things going on with me and I never feel like I inconvenience her, even when new problems arise."
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